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August 8, 2006]
The future's looking bright. everything will be fine. just surrender to whatever's got you losing your mind. it's a matter of time. we can fill in the lines. build a wireframe to climb atop these pillows of sky. get addicted to love and spend every other second coming down from a drug.. but the future's looking bright. everything is alright. nobody knows where they're going but everyone's going. i could tell a better lie if i knew what the truth was.. we need something confusing something new to amuse us. pictures of the sky while the symphony sighs get a glimpse of what it's like to be the gleam in your eyes. give up, surrender.. the future's looking bright. keep on closing my eyes try to remember how it felt to think my dream was my life. falling asleep with the sound of the street. hold it for a moment till it's out of my reach. one hand at a time. letting go of the time. release the pressure built up in the back of my mind. turning the page. feeling nervous and strange. aching for attention from the smile on your face.. i can't go on.. give up, surrender.. -AES

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June 27, 2006]

it shouldn't be illegal to be human

new life, new memories, a new start [
March 22, 2006]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

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